Do you know what do you NEED to manifest, not what do you WANT but what do you NEED. What you really make your human heart happy. have you felt like you keep asking and doing everything you suppose to but nothing happens? You feel that your wishes and dreams are not heard by the Universe? 

What if I tell you that you are asking for the WRONG thing? That's is the problem, you're asking for what you were told to ask for, money, love, career, business all the sexy things that the world is selling to you, but have you stop to listen to what do YOU want deep inside? 

And if you don't know it's not a problem, nobody teach us to stop and think about ourselves.


Maria Eleonora Bailey, Epiam Holistic Owner - San Francisco, CA

Maria Eleonora Bailey, Epiam Holistic Owner - San Francisco, CA

What you’ll find in this guidebook?
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You will find:

  • Your role in the world

  • Your secret passion

  • Where do you sabotage your self

  • Your definition of sucess

  • Your weak points

  • Your strong points

  • What is Manifest SMART

  • How to define and act on your manifestations

  • And more

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