Trust, Focus and Love!

#Trust #Focus #Love #FebruaryMonthOfLove

Dec.31.2012 — New Year’s Eve, I watched the fireworks with a friend and on a way back home there was a fight going on, so we decided to go to a bar and just to wait till people calm down and also for the public transportation to get decent.

So we went to a bar in downtown San Francisco for the 1st beer of the year, no big expectations, no goals, I was actually heartbroken, just wanted to go back home. We got to Murphy’s Pub asked for our favorite beer — Blue Moon — and seat down to cheer the year when I saw this guy on my right diagonal…reeeeally cute and pale kkkk. I looked at him, he looked back and the Exchanging Looks was on.

We finished our beers and got on our way home when Something really powerful took me over, I asked my friend

- What if I ask for his number?

and as always she said:

-Why not?

I was “yeah! why not?” Without thinking twice I turned back and walked to the bar and asked for his number, he asked for mine too and I left the bar feeling: proud and happy. I must be honest that I had no high hopes, though he would be just another guys in my life, well that’s been 5 years and now I call him my husband!

The proof that when we trust what we want is possible, we get it!!! I married the kind of guy I always to call husband, he’s everything I had asked for and more (let the Universe surprise you).

Keep trusting and keep acting on whatever you want because your desires come true!

PS: the picture is our 1st Valentine’s Days