What is Access Consciousness

Access bars: a new quantum tool for expanding consciousness

Have you heard about Access Bars? It is an energetic tool for the expansion of consciousness created in 1990 by the American Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness. Today, the technique is present in 173 countries and has been used by more than 30 thousand people in the last 25 years. Four years ago, it has come here and has been increasingly talked about in Brazilian social networks.

The Access Consciousness slogan says, "Empowering people to know what they already know." In this way, they have developed dozens of verbal and bodily processes to allow access to consciousness and personal empowerment through the use of energy and the frequency of thoughts. Access Bar therapy is the first and most popular of these techniques and proposes a change of life by releasing energies accumulated in the energy field of people - most of them acting at an unconscious level in the most diverse areas of life.


In all, the Access Bars are 32 points mapped around the head where these energies run. Each of them corresponds to one aspect of human behavior and how one relates to them, such as money, control, power, creativity, body, sexuality, sadness, joy, kindness, peace and calm, among others. These points store the electromagnetic component of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that people have about anything. And this is what blocks the free flow of vital energy, which enables personal self-realization.

In practice, for example, we could cite the difficulty of someone who, despite working hard, has problems with his material prosperity and ends up mismanaging money, becoming less accomplished in this area - which is quite common with most people. This is because often, from an early age, we hear expressions such as "Money is dirty!", "Your father is not rich!" Or "This is not for you!". These thoughts accumulate in the subconscious, altering the person's original energy - which limits the perception that it has and creates the separation of the universal consciousness by non-merit beliefs. This is what creates difficulties for her to have and receive everything related to her material prosperity. The same process is used for beliefs of those who have difficulties to lose weight or to relate to their own bodies, to sexuality, to anger itself, among other factors.

The slight touch with the fingers in these 32 points, according to the founder of the technique, releases the flow of these energies and allows the access to the conscience, in a principle of energetic harmonization similar, for example, with an acupuncture treatment.

Conscience, as Access Consciousness proposes, is the Whole: it includes everything and nothing judges. So there are no concepts of right and wrong, good and bad - in a dualistic view of reality as most people see life. Access to consciousness is to be open to everything without fixed points of view to know how to receive. With diluted energy barriers, after the application of the technique, the free flow of the natural energy flow is allowed, without judgments - be it about yourself, towards others or others towards you. Entering this state of unity, through the perception of a more conscious life, is the key to creating the reality that each one wishes for itself.

By "running the bars" of someone, as it is said, it is as if the control mechanisms that are implanted in our thoughts were downloaded and those limiting beliefs were erased from our memory bank when the points are touched. This process facilitates the expansion of consciousness and opens the perception to a new unlimited way of seeing things. This is where therapy is based on life-changing: with the points of view described, the field of choices grows, and here the Access Bars begin to relate to the world of infinite possibilities of quantum physics.

Those who go through the session, which lasts about an hour and a half, usually go into a deep state of relaxation, often falling asleep. When the care is over, the feeling of lightness and empowerment is common, as if the ego that controls our minds is more dissolved and access to consciousness is facilitated.

Many therapists, coaches, and mental health professionals and
correlates have found access bars to be complementary to traditional treatments - as a way to speed up certain processes to create more awareness in their patients. One of the aspects most emphasized by them is the simplicity of the technique, which can be learned in a course of only eight hours in a single day, as well as the speed of results, sensed already in a first application - although the recommended one is an average of ten sessions for a more effective treatment.


More recently, the Access Bars began to be studied by the scientific community. The founders of Access Consciousness commissioned a study with neuroscientist Ph.D., Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin. He analyzed and mapped, through electroencephalograms, the behavior of brainwaves before and after the application of the Access Bars.

"When I saw the results, my jaw dropped!" Says Dr. Fannin, in a YouTube video, where he demonstrates the results of this experiment, "It has never been seen in more than 16 years of career," he says.

In the study, the mapped brain initially shows intense normal activity, with high frequencies of a person's mind functioning - with the so-called delta waves recorded in red. Soon after the Barras session, the graphs show an evident decrease of this brain activity, especially in the areas of focus, concentration and attention. (See illustrations)

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Access Bars, Dr. Fannin also uses the comparison of brain wave records made with advanced meditation practitioners (who practiced for 2 hours daily), where a phase alignment and coherence between the brain waves can be observed and the waves of the heart. "This is what allows people to have 'magical' experiences of conscious spiritual elevation with the alignment of the chakra's own energy. What I realized is not just a complete physical alignment, I'm talking about alignment with the universe! "Said the neuroscientist.
He further explains that the thalamus is the part of the brain that regulates all these frequencies. Above it is the thalamic gate, where are the reticular cells, which connect to other cells that grow out of the brain and terminate in the crown chakra, which communicates directly with the quantum field of information present in the universe. "It's our antenna!" He sums up.

With the mind functioning at low frequency, after the application of the Access Bars, it is possible to receive more frequently the frequencies of the Quantum Field of the universe - something very similar to the meditative state. "This information enters the brain through the thalamic port and all the frequencies are distributed there, converting to resonance. And the cells of the body resonate with that same vibration. Being able to fuse this energy and unite it is absolutely possible with this process, "says Dr. Fannin. And he adds, "The ability to harness that energy and start working with it within is not a magic of science. But it is science helping to show what is happening and how the flow of that energy within an individual happens. "

The video was recorded at the Knock Secret Conference in San Diego, USA and can be viewed at the link: bit.ly/video_neurociencia_barrasdeaccess. To see the video on the application of the Access Bars, go to: bit.ly/video_barrasdeaccess.

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The author:
Paulo Castilho is a journalist and multimedia producer. In addition to being a researcher, he also serves as a conscientious expansion therapist and facilitator, using various techniques such as meditation and verbal and physical energetic processes from Access Consciousness.