Maria Eleonora Bailey @ Confidence Cure Coaching
Maria Eleonora Bailey @ Confidence Cure Coaching
Leadership and Career Coaching in San Francisco, CA and Houston, TX

I'm Maria Eleonora Bailey.

“My main mission on Confidence Cure is to translate and reconfigure rules of leadership and career supporting individuals to live in alignment with their truth selves. "


Hey, my name is Maria Eleonora I'm an Leadership and Career Coach Leadership Coach focused on Career Growth and Development for Black and Latina Women with a Corporate Job.

I help you to embrace your audacity, stand on their ground with confidence and get successfully to the next level in earnings, skills, and self-esteem without compromising family, fun-time and finances.

I'm a trainer, a speaker, and a decaf hazelnut macchiato lover <3. I'm here to guide you, support you, hold you accountable and expand your self-awareness and human intelligence to your full potential so you can thrive achieving your goals with sustainability. 

I am 100% Brazilian and speak English, Portuguese and Spanish, my mix of cultures made an advocate for diversification which led me to be a facilitator on the #IAmRemarkable project and empower women and minorities at the workplace at the San Francisco Bay Area.

I also host a YouTube channel,  Confidence Cure Coaching  where you can watch Q&A about how to be a better professional. Wanna participate? Send you question to


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Maria Bailey CPC, ELI_MP


“Don’t be satisfied with stories . How things have gone with others. unfold your own myth.”

— Rumi